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The topknot and high ponytail has been spotted everywhere on the runway; most notably this spring in Paris where designers Balmain, Céline, Valentino, and Vionnet used slick and taut hairstyles to accentuate flawless locks. Unfortunately our clients with extensions can have serious issues when trying to achieve this look. They get the “tape trap bulge” in their front hairline, or even worse, they can develop tension sores and damage their natural hair and end up running for the hills when it comes time for a move up.

Luckily there are some tips and tricks from our Monarch Extension Specialist Meg Stringham, for our clients who love to toss their hair in a pony and call it a day! Let’s take a look at our lovely model Chelsea to see what we need to focus on.

Monarch Extensions Straight Across Tape In Method

This first image above of our hair model Amanda is how we would usually apply our Monarch Tape Extensions; we call this the Monarch Straight Across application. This is perfect for the girl who likes to wear her hair down a lot, or in a low ponytail. It’s exceedingly beautiful, and very classic, but not ideal for pulling the hair up high, tight, and back.

Monarch Extensions Top Knot Tape In Method

The second image above of our hair model Chelsea is an example of how we would apply our Monarch Tape Extensions for our clients wanting that freedom to have their hair pulled back; we call this the Monarch Top Knot application. Notice the difference in how the Monarch Tape Extension would move if her hair were pulled into a high ponytail. The first image (Amanda) would pull and tug right at her temple, and it makes my head hurt just thinking about it! But using our Monarch Top Knot application… Magic! Now her hair is directed diagonally back, creating movement where she needs it, allowing the hair to be worn straight down, or pulled high and tight.

Monarch Extensions Top Knot Tape In Method - Diagonal Back Section


So what exactly is going on here, and how do we achieve it? The answer is easy says Meg: "Create a diagonal back angle placement on each side of the head. This will create a 'V' shape, with the point of the ‘V’ facing back. Remember to stay ½ inch to a full inch from the hairline and ear to prevent the tape tabs from peeking out, and apply like normal. An equally important thing to remember is to apply the tape parallel to your parting, not horizontally on the head.

Monarch Extensions Top Knot Tape In Method - Diagonal Back Section

Be sure to check your work after applying the extension by pulling the hair up and back the way your client will wear their hair. If it moves freely up and back without pulling, you are going to make a lot of people happy when they visit your chair.

To apply the extensions to the back of the head, use our Monarch Straight Across application. To do this, just line up where the bottom of the ‘V’ and the row in the back of the head meet, this will create a seamless, and easy to wash, beautiful head of hair.

Your clients will love you, and think you’re a genius…and who can blame them? You gave them a customized look, and they will forever love their fabulous extension specialist. And we can all sleep happy knowing you saved a perfectly good scalp! Hint: this works wonders for updo's too.

If you found this hair extension application useful, please do us a favor and share this post with your friends. Knowledge is power and sharing is caring! Also leave any comments or questions that you have about this technique so we can discuss and learn together. 

Come back soon for more hair extension tips & tricks from Monarch Extensions and be sure to check out our premium 100% Remy human hair tape extensions.


Author: Lizz Kopata
Tips and Tricks: Monarch Extensions Specialist Meg Stringham