Posted by Meg Stringham

When it comes to caring for your new Monarch Tape In Hair Extensions, these beauties need pampering! Aftercare begins with using the right products. It is important to use and recommend that your clients only use professional hair care products. We have created an easy guide to point you, and your clients, in the right direction.

Monarch Extensions recommends that you include the following products in your daily hair extension routine:

Shampoo and Conditioner choose your favorite brand from our recommended product guide.

Dry Shampoo is every extension wearer's best friend. It allows you to wash your hair less often and can help prolong the life of the extensions. It is important to not over-wash your extensions as most guests go 3-4 days in-between washes and substitute with their favorite dry shampoo.

    Leave-In Conditioner that is able to add moisture and also give you heat protection. This can be applied from scalp to ends.

    Oil or Moisturizing Cream to keep your hair silky and smooth. This should be applied from just below your ears to the ends – either wet or dry. This will enable you to avoid the tape adhesive.

    For more information on caring for your tape in hair extensions visit our aftercare page. It's full of product recommendations from many major brands, Do's and Don'ts for extension care and more.