Monarch Lash C Tray

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$ 14.00
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Made from the highest quality synthetic material.

C curl .20 - 16 row mixed tray

Row 1: 9mm

Row 2: 10mm

Rows 3-4: 11mm

Rows 5-7: 12mm

Rows 8-12: 13mm  

Rows 13-16: 14mm

Curl (C) This is the curl pattern of the lash

Length (L) ranging from 9 being the shortest and 15 being the longest

Diameter (D) the thickness of the curl .15 thinnest to .25 being the thickest

We are so excited to bring you the best product, and the most innovative design in the lash industry. These lashes were designed to be flat at the base for an easy sturdy attachment, the middle is circular for thickness and diameter, and the ends are wispy to create a fluffy lash, your clients will be obsessed with. We hope you will love Monarch Lashes as much as we do.

Monarch Extensions Return Policy

Please follow the steps below when returning merchandise.

  1. All returns of Monarch Hair Extensions must be preauthorized.
  2. Please email our support team to request a Return Authorization (RA) form and initiate your return. This alerts our Shipping Department to expect a box from you.
  3. Returned merchandise must be received within 30 days from the date of invoice. Any returns received after the 30 days or without an RA number will be refused.
  4. The invoice should accompany the returned items with the RA form filled out.
  5. Returned items must be in the same condition as received. All tags and packaging material must remain in tact. Items received that are not in factory condition, suitable for resale, will not be accepted.
  6. All replacement goods are sent FOB Las Vegas, NV.
  7. In the event of a factory defect, we will gladly issue a refund, credit your account and/or send replacement goods. Monarch Hair Extensions are warranted against manufacturing defects as specified below.

Monarch Extensions Warranty

Monarch Extensions come with a limited, 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects, effective from the original invoice date. Claims that are made outside of 6 months will be rejected. Merchandise claimed as defective must be returned within 30 days of requesting an RA. The sole determination of whether the product has a valid factory defect will be made by our Quality Control staff.
    • In the event a manufacturing defect is not found, the customer may be responsible for shipping charges related to sending merchandise back.
    • In the event a manufacturing defect is found, we will issue a full refund or credit to the account.

      This limited warranty does NOT extend to non-manufacturing defects, including:

        • Defects resulting from physical damage of the product by customer;
        • Defects resulting from the improper use of the product (e.g., lifting, coloring or treating the extensions or cutting the adhesive tabs);
        • Defects resulting from attempts to repair or modify the product;

        Except as expressly stated above, Monarch Extensions disclaims all other warranties of any kind, including but not limited to any express warranties, statutory warranties, and any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. Under no circumstances will Monarch Extensions be liable or responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential (including damages from loss of business, lost profits, litigation, or the like), special, exemplary, punitive, or other damages, under any legal theory, arising out of or in any way relating to the product or your use of the product.

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